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Dear Titans,

A truly play to win server A3Titans features Returns Client with high resolution, rich experience with 1x stats and great drop rate. I don't comment on other servers but A3Titans offers unlimited entertainment and is a true delight to the gamers. Through playing, you will be able to accomplish anything you desire in the game!

I have made it easier for players to level up quickly because I am well aware that it is a 1x stats server. I do acknowledge that some players receive an unfair advantage over other players in-game from the Eshop . So, in order to ensure fair play, I have created a system in-game for players to earn Mark of Rubal, and purchase items from Mark of rubals ingame from premium shop.

Note: We would never keep 45 or 63 options equipment in our servers! (Incorrect Statement because Mage Staff has 63 elementals, likewise other items too). Yeah because I don't have any friends in-game and neither do I have enough free time to play, I won't be supplying freebies to anyone (So, forget about the armor items in excess of its properties). Hope this would suffice your doubts.

Incredible Players

Catchy Battles

Best Eshop Items

End Game Equipments

  • Grade 10 set (with special options)
  • Grade 9.5 Unique weapons (with special options)
  • Craftable Redyan’s Necklace
  • Redyan’s Ring, Kwaon’s Ring, Billmade’s Ring, Sirrd’s Ring
  • All Unique skills (Episode 5 drops)
  • Grenita Graveyard a special boss map with multiple bosses to be slained
  • In-game shout for player kills to show players' PvP skill.
  • Premium Ingame Shop for purchasing different rare items ingame with Mark of Rubal which players can acquire ingame from different bosses.

The goal of A3Titans Management is to give players a fantastic simulation of the A3 gameplay. Please do note that this game or its Titans Shop are not to be considered as my only source of income, instead it helps me manage the expenditure on the server. Since, I don’t encourage anyone to spend their hard earned money unless they feel they don’t have time, I do appreciate any contributions towards the long term sustainability of this server.

Please review this post to go over the code of conduct of A3Titans. In order to make the server free and fair, the following guidelines needs to be taken into account by all players:

  • Sharing

    Sharing of belongings (includes but not limited to, accounts, items, characters, woonz) are in the hands of account owners, i.e., they are solely responsible, accountable for their own belongings. In the case of a dispute arising between the account owner or another individual claiming belongings, ownership, refund or compensation, no support will be provided.

  • Hack and Scam

    “Hack” and “Scam” issues in context of A3Titans comes under the purview of the 1st point. Note: Hack issues arise as a result of betrayal, sharing of accounts, and carelessness while accessing Titans accounts publicly. Scam issues are a result of carelessness while transferring, trading or sharing of items with imposters.

  • Abuse

    All account holders of A3Titans are requested to be nice, courteous, and respectful to other players. If any player is found guilty bringing in family/personal names in game related shouts/discord will be kicked/banned permanently.

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