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Hair Loss in Women

Studies estimate that one in five women may suffer from some degree of hair loss due to aging, illness or hormonal changes after menopause.


  • Women lose hair in a pattern different from men. Unlike bald patches as seen commonly in men, women tend to experience a subtle thinning of the scalp all over.
  • Women often choose to wear a wig or use hair extensions to cover the hair loss. Some also use prescriptive drugs with some success. These results of these drugs vary in each patient, and they simply prevent further hair loss without fuelling any new growth.
  • A suitable alternative for those who feel uncomfortable with either of the options mentioned is the hair replacement surgery.
  • Mini-grafts are the usually the preferred technique for filling-in thinning areas and hence good candidates for this procedure should have dense hair growth at the back of the head. Grafts are collected from the dense area to be replanted in the thinning areas to create a fuller look.
  • Sometimes flap and tissue expansion procedures are also used if the patient is considered to be a suitable candidate.
  • When considering a hair replacement surgery, it is pertinent that the patient understands that the surgery may not deliver the coverage one had prior to hair loss, but may successfully conceal the thinning areas and give a fuller look.


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