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A plastic surgery to reconstruct form, shape of nose tip, narrow the nostril spans, aesthetic enhancement of the nose.Reconstructive rhinoplasty allows a surgeon to correct congenital deformity,collapsed dorsum, intranasal drug abuse, trauma  and also failed primary rhinoplasty-which require restoration of form and nasal appearance.

It is an outpatient procedure, performed under general anesthesia.


  • Respiratory obstruction
  • Failed primary rhinoplasty
  • Wide Nose: Too narrow or too broad nose. The surgery involves cutting & rearranging the craniofacial bones to attain the desired aesthetic, cosmetic & functional purposes.
  • Congenital Deformity: To correct cleft lip and palate abnormalities.
  • Cancer: The excision of cancerous nasal skin, causes the skin loss and internal support cartilage. Reconstructive rhinoplasty provides the skin coverage using skin grafts or pedicle flaps.


Post-surgicals recovery may take few weeks, for complete healing.The surgeon prescribes medication, which includes antibiotics, steriods, analgesics to aid wound healing.The external cast can be removed after a week, as advised by the treating doctor.Although the procedure is safe, but it may leads to complications like : post-operative bleeding, difficulty in breathing, obstructed airway, which usually get resolved after proper treatment.


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