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To improve & smoothen the facial skin texture. It restores wrinkled, blemished & sun damaged skin. The procedure uses a body chemical which peels of the dead skin. Chemical peel is an outpatient procedure, some patrons could require admission for a short duration.

Light chemical peel: This category of peel removes outer layer of skin,, it is effective for acne, fine wrinkles, uneven pigment.

Medium chemical peel: This category of peel will remove skin cells from outer layer and upper middle layer of skin. The procedure is effective for acne scars, deeper wrinkles and uneven skin color.

Deep chemical peel:Deep chemical peel is advised  for patients with deep facial wrinkles, scars, blotchy appearance. Patient may need local anesthesia and a sedative to avoid discomfort, and has a long recovery period. 

Types of chemical peel:

·    Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs)

·    Beta Hydroxy acids (BHA) peels

·    Jessener's Peel

·    Trichloroacetic acid  (TCA)

·    Phenol peels

Risks: Associated risks can be white heads, pigmentary changes, skin atrophy.Patients are advised to get it administered under certified dermatologists.



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