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A procedure to enhance the cosmetic & aesthetic appeal of the breast. This is achieved by introduction of saline or silicone implants either under or over the chest muscles. 

Types of Implant:

  • Saline (Sterile solution filled implants)
  • Silicone (Viscous silicone gel implants) – highly advised for  women with very little breast tissue and for post mastectomy breast reconstruction patients.
  • Pectoral Implants (Reconstructive procedure for cosmetic enhancement of a man’s chest wall)
  • Breast tissue expander implant



Breast implants may cause functional breast feeding difficulties, hence it is recommended to discuss with the plastic surgeon before the procedure, to reduce the damage of milk ducts and nipple nerves.



Post surgical recovery will take one week to resume their normal lives.The patients whose breast implants were emplaced under the chest wall, shall take a longer time of recovery, due to incision.To elleviate pain and discomfort, exercise is suggestive.


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